Think Outside The Block!

New Location



1200 Executive Parkway, Suite 315


Sadly, after 10 years in the ‘historic’ Eugene Library I was informed in February 2019 that my lease had come to an end. The current building owner, Homes for Good Housing Agency, plans to renovate and occupy the building for their purposes. This has been a wonderful location to conduct business, and it offered many amenities valuable to a client-based business; e.g. well-known easily recognizable site, centralized location, abundant free on-sight parking, elevator service, private office space with abundant natural lighting, clean, well maintained, and secure facility, and close to home and my children’s activities. As a result, it has been quite a challenge to find suitable replacement property especially on such short notice.


After considerable effort and nothing short of a miracle, I have decided on a new location: 1200 Executive Parkway, Suite 315. Everyone is familiar with this building. It is one of the black-glass, ‘up-side-down polygonal pyramid’ buildings, on the northwest corner of Valley River Center. There are actually 2 such buildings; Summit is located in the one nearest Valley River Center. The building contains 4 floors and each floor has a central hallway about twice the length of my previous location. I am located on the 3rd floor which has 9 tenants, including attorneys, physicians, financial professionals, and others. Overall, it’s a much larger building, but it’s still very easy to navigate. I have included a picture of the building from street level and also an aerial view (click here to view).


How to get there:


The building is convenient to access. From Valley River Drive, turn left at the light at Goodpasture Island Road, where the Red Robin Restaurant is located; Executive Parkway is the first right. The building is surrounded by parking. The front lot, on the East side of the building, is for visitor parking and the lot around back is for tenants and visitors. During my many visits to the building, I have found the front lot to be most accommodating. Other available parking options are shown in the aerial view outlined in orange. These spaces are located in the extreme northwest corner of the Valley River Center lot and also the Red Robin lot. Both areas are a stone’s throw to the building. These spaces can also be used by visitors, and I have always found them to have abundant availability, except the Red Robin lot at meal times. I suggest parking in one of these areas as opposed to parking in the big lot in the back. If you require handicap parking and ramp access to the building, then you should park in the back in the designated areas.


I realize, this new location is not as convenient as the old; however, it does afford some new possibilities, including shopping at Valley River Center, dining at many possible various nearby restaurants, a walk along the river, and close proximity to the Oregon Revenue Department. I hope you do visit my new location at any time especially during the upcoming tax season; I’m sure you will be as pleased with my new space as I am.