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Tax Preparation and Consulting:

At Summit, we provide reliable tax preparation and consulting  services to various business entities and to individuals with diverse financial  interests. We have considerable experience with, for example, domestic and international students; middle-class families; the Affordable Care Act; rental activities; sale of capital assets, including stocks, mutual funds, personal homes, and rental properties; installment sales; sole proprietorships; pass-through activities; retirement and investment income; farming and farm-rental activities; US citizens living and working abroad; multi-state returns; foreign financial account reporting; and those who just seek convenience and peace of mind having a professional take charge of their tax-filing obligations.

Tax preparation services are also available online for individuals who wish to prepare their own returns.

We are available year round to provide support in tax planning for individuals, business start-ups, and business re-characterizations. We stand behind the work we do and are always available if and when you need any assistance long after your return has been filed



Electronic Filing:

Summit is an authorized E-File provider. This service is included in the cost of tax return preparation.


Service Guarantee:

If ’our’ tax returns are questioned by authorities in any way, Summit is available year-round to provide unparalleled support throughout the process. Often, these issues can be resolved easily without additional charge for our services. In some instances, however, substantive additional work may become necessary. If additional forms, letters, or other services are involved, then additionally fees will result.

If we have made errors on your return, Summit will make every effort to rectify the issues at no additional charge to the taxpayer. Furthermore, Summit will reimburse any interest and/or penalty associated with such errors up to the amount paid for tax preparation services. Summit, however, does not pay one’s taxes owed. 


Payroll Services:

Summit Tax Solutions provides payroll services for small businesses.  Allow Summit to take charge of all your payroll filing and payment obligations while you focus on what you do best. For more information about these services schedule an appointment with Jeremy online, by email at or by phone at (541) 868-4610.


Card Payments:


Summit Tax Solutions accepts all major credit and debit cards. Since the start of business in 2007, Summit Tax Solutions has processed card payments with no charge to the client.  We are happy to continue to provide this service for the 2023 tax season.