Think Outside The Block!

Randy’s clients for 2022:



Due to recent medical issues, Randy does not plan to be available for tax appointments from March 3 until about March 26. This may change, and if so I will update this information at soon as possible. Consequently, Randy’s clients will make their appointments, as described below.




If you wish to make an appointment during this time, you will have a couple options.


Make an appointment with Jeremy:


Jeremy will be available for Randy’s clients on Thursdays throughout tax season. To make an appointment with Jeremy please do so by email at Do not use the appointment application on the website. Please honor your appointment once made. Due to circumstances this year we may not be able to reschedule you.


Make an appointment with one of our colleagues:


This option is only available to Randy’s clients. A limited number of clients may be served by Wanda Wedmore (541) 746-5751 and Tonya Banton (541) 998-8103. Please contact them directly by phone.


If you wish to make an appointment after March 25:


Make an appointment with Randy in the usual way by phone or email after March 25. If it turns out Randy is unable to complete your returns by the April 18 filing deadline, he can file a 6-month extension for you at no charge. It is important to note extensions are a 6-month extension to file and NOT an extension to pay any tax due. An extension should give Randy ample recovery time to prepare your returns. If an extension is not acceptable, you can make an appointment with Jeremy or with one of our colleagues as described above.




I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause you. Please know I will do everything in my power to ensure your tax returns are prepared in a timely manner and with the level of expertise you have grown accustom to. I value all my clients and treasure the relationships we have forged over the years; it is you that have made my efforts meaningful and enjoyable. Hopefully, this situation is only temporary, and what we need to do is get through the 2022 tax year the best we can. Thank you for your patience, understanding, and prayers, if you are so inclined.